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Pos. 1) Crawler crane; H 100C; abt 125 TLC; YOM late 90's; sale only

Pos. 1) Excavator Komatsu; YOM late 90's; abt 4 000 hours; Price: abt 0,04 MUS$; sale only.

Pos. 1) Metal detector, walk through portal; 33 zones + 5 typs of users; sale only.

Pos. 1) Automated fuel tanks; Vol.: abt 8,0 cbm; All tanks are certified. Certification on each tank; sale only.

Pos. 1) Gualchierani Vertical Press model FSD/40, year 1995; 40 Tons; sale only.

Pos. 1) Lumber, white ash, red oak and more and more kinds of timber; sale only.

Pos. 2) INDUSTRY 4.0 - low voltage drive with enhanced real-time communications and advanced features. Equipped with embedded dual-port Ethernet/IP; sale only.

Pos. 1) STEEL pipes production plant: seamless pipes made with carbon steel or alloy steel; OUTPUT: abt 300 TpD; sale only.

Pos. 1) Steel production line for Round & Square Tube; Line Speed: 60m/Min; Tube Thickness: 1.5mm ~ 6.5mm; Welder Capacity: 500kW; Line Direction: Left to Right; sale only.

Pos. 1) NEW BUILD truck cranes; abt 50 TLC; sale only.

Pos. 1) USTER HVI SPECTRUM CPL Fiber testing equipment; YOM end 90; sale only.

Pos. 2) MARGASA Tearing machine model DE 1000/A.M., YOM 2002; WW:1 000 mm; supply 380 VAC, 50 Hz; sale only

Pos. 1) WELKER CONDIBOX; YOM ely 00's; Maximum temperature 95 ° C; Pressure -1 / 0; Load capacity 8,0 M3; sale only.

Pos. 1) LIEBHERR WERK NENZING GMBH 'BOS-2600-20-LITRONIC' 20-Ton Offshore Luffing Crane 36m Boom; Main Hoist SWL 1 Fall 20 Ton 3.3 -33.0 M; 2 x 240kw motors; overall maximum height 38.50m; sale only.

Pos. 1) Mixing and bulk forwarding plant; OUTPUT: abt 600 TpH; YOM late 80's; sale only

Pos. 1) Robot for Cargo Hold Cleaning; incl.: sand/grit/hydro blasting, paint stripping; new ones; sale only.

1) Steel pipes coating line; YOM ely 10's; coating with 3 layers in extruder; sale only.

Pos. -1) Biomass pellet machine, sawdust pellet machine, fuel pellet machine, straw pellet machine, rice husk granule machine, peanut shell granule machine, etc sale only.

Pos. -1) GAS FIRED STEAM BOILER, 2018; Type: VAPOREX HVP 5000 / 12; Rated output (from and at 100°C): 5000 kg/hour; Working Pressure: 1000 kP; sale only.

Pos. - 1) Barter offer: for sale sunflower oil, soybeans, corn, rice, barley; dely monthly abt 20 000 ts; sale only.

Pos. 1) – Continious decating machine; YOM mid 10's; WW 200 cm; Price; abt 0,14 MUS$

Pos. 1) – Vertical press; abt 300Ts; YOM in late 90's; automatic unluader; Supply: 380 VAC, 50 Hz; sale only.

Pos. 1) OIL RIG, on shore; Price; abt 4,5 MUS$; sale only.

Pos. 1) Storage system from SUNTECH; YOM late 10's; sale only.

Pos. - 1) Hand Pallet Truck, Manual Stacker 1.0T, 1.6M, Semi-electric Stacker 1.0T, 1.6M,Full Electric Stacker 1.0T, 1.6M,Full Electric Pallet Truck; new build; sale only

Pos. 1) SPOT sale 2 mill bbls of Condensate, CIF terms; sale only.

Pos. 2) Crude oil; API 29,6; Min 300 000 CBM monthly from Asia; sale only.

Pos. 1) Excavators CAT; YOM ely 10; Price: abt 0,5 MUS$; sale only.

Pos. 2) Wheel loader; CAT; YOM late 10's; Price: abt 0,8 MUS$; sale only.

Pos. - 1) Preowned Galvanizing line; YOM mid 90's; OUTPUT: abt 180 000 TpY; sale only.


Business/investment loan up to 500 MUS$ with no collateral even with bad credit; For Personal, Business or Company; No Collateral needed; 3-5% Interest Rate; Repayment duration of over 10years; 100% Guaranteed Approval Rate; Repayment Guarantee will be signed and approved by the government.Terms and Condition Applies SBLC/BG, PPP, TRADING, BITCOIN LOANS, ETCF or more.

Pos. - 1) Ambulift; YOM late 00's; High: abt 8,0 M; on the truck chassis; low KM run; sale only.

Pos. - 1) Steel pipes coating line; YOM ely 10's; coating with 3 layers in extruder; sale only.

Pos. 1) Steel, S/F, F/F dual-layer underground oil fuel tank; certified by UL; sale only.

Pos. 1) Continous Steel Sheet Galvanizing plant; OUTPUT; abt 250 TpY; for steel sheet in coils; sale only.

Pos. 1) RFID blocking fabric; sale only

Pos. 1) FIFI water motor pumps units; YOM mid 10's; unused; OUTPUT: abt 3 500 CBMpH; EU brand; sale only.

Pos. 2) CNC milling machine; Range: 600x955x1000; YOM late 90's; sale only.

Pos. 1) Propane tanks capacity from 20lb to 100lb; for sale only.

Pos. 2) Pile jackets; abt 25,0 M depth; brand new; sale only.

Pos. 1) - Paper production plant; Output: abt 550 TpD; in production; sale only.

Pos. 2) - Food depackaging machine for frozen food; sale only.

Pos. 3) Surplus NEW Valves & Pumps; sale only.

Pos. 1) FIFI airport cars; Water tank abt 12 T + foam tank abt 1 T; EU brand; sale only.

Pos. 1) Floating Oil recovery system from water surface; Pumps 400 CBMpH; Oil stored in bags of 50 CBM; system is working till up to 4,0 M waves; sale only.

Pos. 1) Radio frequency dryer; abt 85 kW; YOM ely 90's; Supply: 380 VAC, 50 Hz;sale only

Pos. 2) STEEL PIPES production line; MAX. OUTSIDE diam.: 450 cm; sale only.

Pos. 1) CNC milling machine; X -180CM; Y -250CM; Z -120CM; YOM mid 00's; sale only.

Pos 1) Modern heavy / marine industry plant / shipyard with own floating dock; Location abt 30 000 M2; in ASIA; Gross tonnage : upto 10,000 DWT and/or others as: Floating Dock, Passenger & Car Ferry, Container Ship, Tanker, General Cargo Ship, Tug Boat, Barge, for production orders.

Pos. 2) - Shipyard in EU offer production capacity of ships with a length of max. 100 - 110 m, DWT max 3000 - 3500 t. This shipyard is capable of producing river, river - sea vessels, floating machines (floating dredgers, floating cranes) and floating equipment.

Pos. 1) Floating workshop fully equipped: Gen set + offices + cabins + crane; abt 1 200 GRT; BLD ely 90's with reinforced concrete; Draft max 1,2M; sale only.


Pos. 2) Marinized GE engine with full Z-peller parts; surplus never used; abt 1,5 MW; sale only; Price: abt 0,15 MUS$

Pos. 1) - Glass bottles filling complete line; incl, depaletising, rinsing, filling, capping, conveyors, labeling, neck sleeving machine, ...etc.; sale only

Pos. 2) - Crane/transporter; cap 30 TEUpH; YOM MID 00's; drive on tyre wheels; stacking cap: 5 containers; sale only.

Pos. 1) - Complete Rolls-Royce diesel engine; abt 6,0 MW; brand new still in wooden cases incl spares; Price 0,15 MUS$ ex stock; sale only.

Pos. 2) - LPG tanks production plant; Price: abt 35,0 MUS$; sale only.

Pos. 1) Safety syringes: 1 ml, 3 ml, 5 ml and 10 ml sizes; pull-back and spring retract safety syringes; sale only.

Pos. 1) - Steam boiler; abt 50 TpH; Fuel: wood chips and logs; sale only.

Pos. 2) - CNC milling machine; YOM ely 00's; 5 axes; 12 000 rev; x/y/z 1 250/880/800MM; sale only.

Pos. 1) Kerosene: JP 54; abt 300 000 cbm; sale only.


Pos. 1) New hepa filter with carbon prefilter; Certification 99,99% at 0,3 microns; purchase only.

Pos. 2) - Crane/transporter; cap 30 TEUpH; YOM MID 00's; drive on tyre wheels; stacking cap: 5 containers; sale only.

Pos. 1) - NEW gas turbine AI 24; Russian brand; newer used; packed in case and ready to go; sale only.

Pos. 2) - Cold rolling mill for steel sheets production; incl. coil strap packing machine; sale only.

Pos. 1) - Recycling of waste water treatment into fresh water; new production line; sale only.

Pos. 2) - OIL recovery system (floating; FRAMO oil connector + chemical dispersant; work boat with tug; sale only.

Pos. 1) Blown film extruders; width 35 - 75 MM; YOM 80 - mid 90's; sale only

Pos. 1) FEU containers; YOM 00's onw; sale only.

Pos. 2) Steam boilers; OUTPUT: 5 - 12 TpH; YOM late 90's; sale only

Pos. 3) Several contenerized FIFI equipments; complete sets; sale only.

Pos. 4) Site crusher capable of making 2 products at the rate of 250 tph; Price: abt 0,25 MUS$


1) MAN D2868LE422 588 kW@2100 RpM; Marinized engines with ZF 665V ratio 1:1.971 gearboxes; purchase only.


2) Used CNC lathe; YOM late 00's; 12 000 RpM; x: 3,0M; y: 1,2M; z: 1,1M; sale only.

Pos. 1) Mixing and bulk forwarding plant; OUTPUT: abt 600 TpH; YOM late 80's; sale only

Pos. 2) LPG tanks production plant; Price: abt 35,0 MUS$; sale only.

Pos. 3) DISINFECTANT, SANITIZING AND HYGIENIZING CABINET; Medium O3; easy installation; sale only.

1) Site crusher; OUTPUT: abt 250 TpH; dbl screen; Price: abt 0,25 MUS$; sale only..

1) STEEL PIPES production line; MAX. OUTSIDE diam.: 4 500 MM; sale only.

2) Steel, S/F, F/F dual-layer underground oil fuel tank; certified by UL; sale only.

1) Web offset printing machine; complete solution for newspaper printing, notebook printing, magazine printing & books printing etc; single color, double color & four color printing machines; sale only.

1) Container crane (straddle type; Cap.: abt 900 tlc; YOM mid 10's; only 2 000 running hours; Price FOB; abt 0,8 MUS$

2) Shipyard located in MED/EU; abt 5 slipways, 23 cranes; forklifts; can build ships 30 000 DWT; valid ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001; Price; abt 20,0 MUS$


1) PET bottle (1 - 1,5LTR) blowing line + filling line (fresh water); used OK but refurbished; purchase only.

2); Biscuits manufacturing machines; used OK but in good condition; purchase only.


1) Heavy pieces industry transporter; payload 250T; EU brand engine; YOM late 00's; Price: abt 90 000 US$

2) Floating repair base; abt 1 000 GT; YOMin ely 90's; Loa 45M x B12M; 3 decks; office + cabins; can be easily converted into floatel; genset; Price: abt 0,3 MUS$


1) RF Dryer 65 kW, 50 Hz; purchase only

2) Packing line for plastic tubes; OUTPUT abt 100 tubes per minute; purchase only


1) Airplane tow tractor; YOM in 00; Price ; abt 40 000 US$


1) Steam boiler; abt 15 TpH; YOM mid 10's onwards.purchase only.

2) LPG Cylinder Manufacturing Plant on turnkey Basis; purchase only.


1) Waste recycling plant; OUTPUT: abt 15 TpD; YOM late 00's; sale only.


1) MOBILE TRAILER mounted land drilling rig; M/E abt 750 kW; purchase only.

2) Waste fired steam boiler; OUTPUT: abt 10 bar, abt 5 000 TpH of steam; purchase only


1) Tantalum-Niobium; supply abt 50 TpM; Stl scrap HSM1 and 2, coal; Price FOB; sale only.

2) Shipyard in EU for sale or joint-venture; steel processing abt 15 000 TpY; 5 slipways; Able to build 30 000 DWT ships; sale.


1) RF dryer; cap abt 100 kW; purchase only.

2) Vertical and horizontal tanks; cap abt 40 CBM; single wall; made with ST ST; purchase only


1) Floating cement terminal; purchase only

2) Pallets production plant; OUTPUT; 500 pallets per day; purchase only


1) Used electric equipment from data centers recovery; sale only.


1) Tender for airport expansion in the Middle East; more details only for contracted client.

2) ST ST (316L) tank; cap abt 4 cbm; medium: Sodium Hydroxide 30%; purchase only.


1) Complete diapers production plant; purchase only.

2) PRESSURE Vessels tanks; order for delivery of several tanks; purchase only


1) Silver ore; Ag > 50 %; need abt 20 TpM; purchase only.

2) TETRA PAK Pasteurizer; purchase only


1) Telehandler; as CAT 1050 p.ex; purchase only.

2) Steam boiler; Output: 10 TpH; YOM mid 90's onwards; purchase only.

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